What is Git and GitHub?


  • A historical record of changes in the repository.
  • A set of commit objects. A commit is the action of implementing a change in the project. Thanks to git, each commit can be visualized individually and reversed if needed.


  • A repository is created.
  • Each developer clones the repository, which means creating a local copy of it in their individual computer.
  • New branches are created for each different functionality to be developed. Also different branches are created for different stages of the development process. Usually there’s a development branch in which new code is generated by developers; a testing branch in which code is tested to ensure its quality; and a production branch in which already tested code is shipped.
  • As developers build functionalities, they commit and push the changes to the github repo, and do a pull request. Pull requests are the way in which developers ask their code to be merged with the main code base. Normally each pull request goes through a validation process, entirely customizable by each team, and then gets merged.



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